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The Tolcarne Turbine

Wind Turbine Construction

After a 4 months of construction and head-scratching, Sary and Alex had finished the Tolcarne farm wind turbine. All that was left was to somehow get it 7 metres up in the air....

After finding a suitable tree (one that had already fallen down in a recent storm) we had to drag it back to the farm. We also managed to bring it back part of the way by putting one end in the back of an Astra and supporting the other end with a wheel-barrow.

We prepared the tree trunk with some wood preserver and bituminous paint, and also fitting various fixings to the trunk - such as steps, and a pulley at the top, then time came to heave the thing into it's hole (which was 1.5 metres deep). With about 5 people and 3 people with supporting guy-ropes it went up very smoothly, we also made use of some 10 metre ratchet straps to help hoist it up.

We concreted the pole into it's hole, and attached steel guy-ropes (5 of them) to keep it steady.

After a few days (actually a few months) wait (just to make sure that the concrete had set), we assembled the team together for the critical part of assembling the turbine on top of the pole. We had originally thought about raising the turbine in one piece, but with everything in place it looked like a better option to assemble it piece by piece at the top of the pole.
The heaviest part of the turbine was the alternator which weighs about 40 Kilograms. We pulled up to the top with a rope and a pulley, then it took two people, Victors and Alex to lift the alternator the last few inches into position.

Next we lifted the wooden blades, and fixed them onto the alternator. And then finally the tail was fixed into place.

Here's the wind turbine in position, just as it's starting to get dark.

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