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A brief explanation of Vedic Organics

Vedic Organics aims to develop a method of organic farming which cultivates produce of the highest quality. With guidance from the revealed scriptures of the Vedic civilisation we are implementing a low impact system which is in harmony with the environment. By synthesizing modern organic methods with the timeless wisdom of the Vedas we can achieve practical results despite adversity.

In India, 'veda' is the Sanskrit word for knowledge or wisdom. The Veda's are India's most ancient and highly regarded texts, thousands of years old; they are a complete guidebook for practical living - outlining everything from economy to agriculture to enlightenment.

There are many farming projects at present, in many parts of the world. So how does Vedic Organics differ from conventional techniques?

The Vedic system puts forward a way of living, that does not just sustain, but heals the environment. By only implementing sustainable practices the environment is held in balance, which only improves year by year. Organic farming means no chemicals and no chemicals means no negativity in the food. Vedic Organics means not just the absence of negativity but an apparent presence of positivity, which can be tasted and felt within the food itself.

So, how is this done? Positivity is imbued into Vedic Organic food by the correct application of consciousness; by realization of the living process that is farming. When we approach cultivation in this awakened state we are able to see and feel the genuine life within plants and consequently grow an abundance of crops full of vitality and goodness.

Scientific research has been carried out to show that pleasant music not only charms the human ears and human mind, but it charms plants also. Pleasant music promotes progress and positivity in plant life. The transcendental sound vibrations found within Vedic music, are those most fundamental sounds at the heart of the physical structure of the whole universe, and consequently the plant itself. So when these transcendental vibrations are played to the plants, the plants are nourished at this most fundamental level and respond accordingly, the nutrients in the plant develop more thoroughly, and the plants grow faster. The inner quality of Vedic Organic food is healthy, nutritious, and promotes the wellbeing of the consumer.

When growing foods we avoid killing predators and pests and therefore we follow a karma-free lifestyle. As a general policy, use of machinery is minimised and only used when needed, supplementing a lack of labour (both human and animal).

We respect the earth as Mother (Bhumi devi) and therefore make sure that we replenish the soil with nutrients by means of our own compost. We compost kitchen scraps, grass, ashes, weeds and cow dung. We also prepare liquid fertiliser using comfrey and nettles.

If our community becomes larger and we feel the need for easier turning of the soil, we would not resort to tractors as do many organic farms, but rather we would acquire horses or oxen. We would choose them for environmental and economic reasons, being more in touch with the land and a more natural pace of life.

The natural harmony of Bodmin moor,
existing as it has done for thousands of years

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