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Drying hay outdoors

Thursday 25th October 2007

After scything, the cut grass can be left on the ground for a few days to dry and can then be made into a haystack. This allows further drying and protects the hay from rotting because of wet weather.

The first things needed for making a haystack of this kind are some wooden supports. Once these are made, they can be reused the following year.

Hay can then be put on the supports from the bottom up.

When completed the hay stack looks like this:

The hay stack has a tunnel through it and the hay rests on wooden supports only barely touching the ground. Therefore wind goes through freely which provides good ventilation causing the hay to dry quickly. The stack also works just like a straw roof and all rain just goes down the sides not making it inside. So you can use the hay stacks like this as a shelter for sudden rain if no buildings are available nearby.

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